How To Get Skype On PS3

Finally, there is a viable solution for Playstation users to install and operate Skype on PS3.

Millions of PS3 users have discovered an amazing, safe and reliable method of installing Skype, in addition to all their favorite applications (including web browsers and media players) on their Playstation 3. The only way to do this, is to provide your Playstation the same operating system as a computer.

You can now install on your PS3:

  • Windows
  • MAC OS
  • Linux
  • Then – All compatible applications, such as Skype

Installing one of the aforementioned operating systems renders you with the capabilities to achieve this. Imaging using Skype on PS3, or internet browsing, emails and more, in front of your flatscreen TV via your Playstion unit.

How To Install Skype On Your PS3

There have been rumors for years that Sony are developing an application of Skype for PS3, though it has never actually materialized. Now the only method available, is to install your chosen operating system and then install Skype as you normally would on your computer.

After hours of sifting the internet through unreliable advice from literally hundreds of websites, the only reliable option that we discovered was a program called PS3 Magic. You can click here to check it out

The product consists of software and a detailed instructional guide, that explains step by step how to safely complete the procedure of installing a new operating system.

Stage 1:

  • After downloading the software and instructional guide, you will need to transfer the data to your PS3.
  • You may elect to copy the program to a USB stick, or burn it onto a blank CD. Once you have done this, insert the media into your PS3.

Stage 2:

  • The setup wizard will now assist you in the subsequent steps, where you select what operating system you wish to install.
  • The instructional guide will advise you of the detailed steps that need to taken, then you will be up and running with a new operating system in no time at all.

Stage 3:

  • Once you have install the new OS, you will have the freedom to install Skype, as you would on your normal computer.


Common Questions

No Technical Knowledge Required: If you don’t hold much technical knowledge, this is not a problem, as the guide will take you through the process and hold your hand each step of the way.

Remove Anytime: This system can be restored to its original state at any time.

No Hardware Modifications: You do not need to open your machine to install the software and upgrade your operating system. There is nothing dangerous about this, it really is simple!

No Warranty Voiding: Installing the PS3 Magic Program and upgrading your OS will not void your factory warranty.

Firmware Restrictions: This system will only work on Playstations that have Firmware 3.55 or earlier. That means that if you bought a new machine after February 2011, you may not be able to use it. If your PS3 is older than February 2011, then you have no problems! However, not to worry, there is plenty of information out there to assist you in downgrading your firmware, if you do have a brand new unit.

So join myself and the millions of others that are using Skype on our PS3. Visit the PS3 Magic Website